The 4th edition of CONGRESS FIPAN will offer participants a complete view of the changes impacting the bakery, confectionery and food service sector. This includes adapting to new consumption patterns, the search for superior quality in products and services, in addition to the modernization of establishments.
This is the sector's highlight event, encouraging debates around innovation, modernization and trends. Through lectures, panels and case studies, the aim is to encourage constant progress and improvement in the quality of products and services. Participating in the FIPAN CONGRESS represents a unique chance to stay up to date and be prepared for future challenges.


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THEME: Successful bakery – marketing and branding in baking

By Rita Gonçalves from the Padaria de Sucesso blog

THEME: Motivation without secrets

By Paulo Dourado, owner of the channel Padaria sem Segredo

THEME: Out of 10 service

By Prof. Carla Venâncio, Profissioanis Trainings – Portuguese and Writing Teacher for Professionals

THEME: World Trends in Bakery Products and Technology for their Production

By Marcos Silva

THEME: Reducing energy costs for the bakery sector

By Luiz Alfredo Cava

THEME: 3 insights I learned from GRAAL! Including Self Checkout

By Igor Pessamilio

THEME: If your company doesn't innovate, you're taking risks!

By Dill Casella

THEME: Transformation and Connection

By Beatriz Pentagna

THEME: Strategies to combat waste and reduce impact

By Jorge Toquetti

THEME: The powerful service that sells!

By Max Pires

THEME: Breaking down barriers – discrimination in consumer relationships – how to avoid losses for your company

By Julio Ribeiro

THEME: Digital transformation is changing business competitiveness

By Arthur Vinícius Dias

THEME: Labor x Technology

By Marcos Silva

THEME: Comparative analysis of market indicators

By Emerson Amaral

THEME: We make perfect bread a reality

By Rafael Querido, Yannick Gil e Rogério Shimura

THEME: The importance of gelato within the bakery

By Eduardo Weisberg e Bruno Fornasaro

THEME: Packaging – trends, technology and sustainability

By Silvia Piedrahita Rolim

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